Cem Bayoğlu

was born 17th February 1977 in the Turkish city of Izmir. His love of photography stems all the way back to his childhood, when his father showed him colourful images with a projector. He attributes this moment in his early life as the reason he enjoys using natural colouring, later inspiring the photography series ‘Sinful Colors’. Cem graduated from Dokuz Eylul University in his hometown Izmir in 1998 and travelled to Australia to learn English in 2001. It was whilst Cem was learning English in Australia that he purchased his first digital camera; the moment that would change his life forever. He continued his career in the family company which produced machinery for many years. But during this time, he continued his pursuit in photography and sought to start a career in it someday. Finally, in 2011, Cem Bayoğlu opened his first studio and made his part-time hobby his full-time job. Some of his first works included album covers, posters, fashion shoots, commercials and even music videos. Soon, his studio walls were lined with signed posters and albums covers of the artists he collaborated with. In 2013, his series of fourteen photographs entitled “One Billion Suffers” exhibited across Europe. It’s bold, anti-misogynist subject matter of violence against women was a success. Blending his unique style of light and colour, Cem’s limited edition works are exhibited in art galleries around the world.

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