In the same lives,
While being happy and sad about same kind of things,
Maybe we stopped  at the same points,
Looked at the same things, thought differently,
Maybe our paths never crossed eachother, but
I wanted you to see the things the way I do.
This is why, I look after my camera like the apple of your eye.

What you see is mine,
What you think is yours.

"50 Yolcu" Has Been Released

The book "50 Yolcu (50 Passangers)" consisting of travel themed photographs and articles of 50 famous people which took 5 years of preperation has been published.

You Can Check Originality & Register Here

If you have an original fine art photograph of Cem, you should have a certificate showing the originality of that work. Since 2021, Cem's photographs have been delivered to galleries with digital certificates (in pdf format).